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An Extremely Thrilling Ride

Inspiration Tower Zip Rider

Launch from the top of Inspiration Tower and zip above the tree tops as you speed across the 160 acre historic homestead. Great family fun for any time of the year!

See Ozarks Like Never Before

Inspiration Tower Zip Rider

Get an exhilarating view of the Ozarks like never before as you easily glide atop one of the highest points in Southwest Missouri. On a clear day, you can see 90 miles into Arkansas and with every ride your experience will be nothing short of breathtaking!

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What is It and How does it Work?

Easy and Fun Ride

What it is

The ZipRider® zip line cable is based on the familiar concept of the back yard zip line but then turns that fun experience into an exciting, worries-free ride! Then key lies in the ZipRider® trolley, a device designed to automatically brake while the rider descends cable gradients from 5%-40%.

How it Works

Each rider is comfortably seated in a special harness wiithout needing special harness sizes or staging areas for fitting. The ride operator will open the gates at the launch site, the riders fly out the doors with no responsibilities other than to enjoy the ride. The rider will not control their speed or braking. As the rider approaches the end of the ride, the trolley enters a patented terminal brake acceptor and dampening system, which slows the ride to a stop. Once stopped, the guest walks out of the harness and away from the ride.

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